VSP Global offers world-class products and services to eyecare professionals, employers, and more than 55 million members through a group of leading companies providing comprehensive eyecare coverage, access to cutting-edge frame styles and brands, design of custom interiors and merchandising systems, innovative e-commerce and practice management solutions, and technologically advanced lab services. With the strength and experience of these companies behind it, VSP Global stands apart and delivers benefits, services, products, and solutions that are unparalleled in the world-wide optical industry.
  • Vision Care Insurance: Employer

VSP’s GetFIT Wellness Program

The VSP GetFIT Program® is a 16-week program that you can customize to your employees’ needs. Plus, program materials are available for your VSP members and non-VSP members. Participants simply commit to a healthy diet and engage in any activity of their choice to stay fit.

Program Components

Your clients can access a wealth of tools and support information on the Clients & Benefit Managers Resource Center on vsp.com, including:

  • planning tools and ideas;
  • employee program materials, calculators, and worksheets;
  • helpful tips and healthy inspirations.

Why Wellness?

Healthy employees are more likely to have lower medical costs and higher productivity. On the other hand, those with multiple risk factors for disease are more likely to have increased healthcare use, higher absenteeism rates, and lower overall productivity—which can drastically affect your clients’ bottom line.

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