The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. is a leading provider of insurance for millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. The Hartford has been recognized for its superior service, its sustainability efforts and as one of the world’s most ethical companies.

Products / Services Offered

  • Group Life and Accident
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability

Featured Product / Service

Group Life, STD, and LTD (4-49 lives)

Group Life (4-49 lives)   Group STD and LTD (4-49 lives)
  • Flat benefit or percentage of salary options
  • Employer and Employee Paid Options
  • Composite Rate for Basic Life reducing premium volatility over time
  • Guarantee Issue Plans:
    • No individual medical experience questions
    • Supplemental Life up to $100K ($25K for employers with 4-9 employees)
  • Dependent Life Insurance coverage available
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment included
  • Accelerated Living Benefit Option available
  • Value Added Services included
    • Beneficiary Assist1
    • Everest Funeral Planning2 support services
    • Travel Assistance & I.D. Theft Support3


  • 50% or 60% of monthly salary subject to maximum (66 2/3% for non-contributory coverage only)
  • Composite Rate as compared to more common age-banded rating in industry
  • STD offered on a stand-alone basis for employers with 10-49 employees
  • STD offered with Life or LTD for employers with 4-9 employees
  • LTD Survivor Income Benefit included
  • LTD Family Care Benefit included
  • Value Added Services included
    • Ability Assist4 (EAP-like services)
    • Travel Assistance & I.D. Theft Support3


Enhanced pricing for 2013!  Effective immediately, pricing on small business groups has been revised to be more competitive. The Hartford will automatically apply a 10% pricing discount on all 4-49 employee groups. In addition, new LTD manuals include a double digit small case rate reduction. Try The Hartford today to take advantage of these competitive rates.

Become even more effective writing 4-9 employee plans!  The Hartford’s Small Business Solutions trust product for 4-9 employees offers attractive plan designs with even fewer underwriting restrictions. No individual medical underwriting is required, nor are there any limitations on family relationships down to four employees. In addition, the SIC eligibility has been expanded to better align with the 10-49 employee offering. The SBS offering is a competitively priced small group trust product as demonstrated by strong double-digit historical close rates.

Standard commission rates for new and renewal business for groups with 4-49 employees is 10% if not requested otherwise.

The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including its administrative services company, Hartford-Comprehensive Employee Benefit Service Company and issuing companies Hartford Life Insurance Company, Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company and Hartford Fire Insurance Company. All non-property and casualty policies sold in New York are underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company. The home office of Hartford Life Insurance Company and Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company is Simsbury, CT. All property and casualty policies are underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Inc., and its property and casualty affiliates, Hartford, CT.