Securus ID Inc. is a leading provider of identity theft and data breach solutions for organizations.
  • Securus has the only Identity Theft plans available that include:
    • All forms of ID Theft – including financial, medical, benefits, insurance, phone,
      utilities, government documents.
    • Family Fraud & Acts of Terrorism
    • Unknown Identity Theft Events that occurred prior to the start of new
      membership plan.
    • Identity Specialists (CITRMS Certified) work on members behalf until the
      victim’s identity is at a pre-event status.
    • 24/7 Victim Access to an online case management system provides the victim
      with an up to the minute status of their recovery.



  • Voluntary offering: Via payroll deduction or direct pay via our website, agents can offer 15% or 20% discount as they see fit (optional), automatic 20% discount at greater than 75% participation
  • Hybrid offering (employer sponsored): $3 per employee, per month Essential plan if employer paid on direct bill AND 25% discount on all voluntary plan upgrades e.g. family plan, Comprehensive or Elite through payroll deduction or direct pay via our website.  The $3 price point is for group sizes 2-499.
  • 500+: Custom quote for employer paid portion.
  • 5,000+: Larger groups (5,000 plus) such as associations, unions, credit unions or other types of membership groups.  We will custom quote a “blanket” Essential plan and provide a co-branded website for upgrades if the group size warrants.  An example would be a membership group of 50,000 where they want to provide a plan to all members (blanket) as a low cost, high value member benefit, alongside a custom website co-branded with special upgrade pricing.  Example pricing for a group of 50,000 on a blanket would be less than .15 per member per month.  Each one of these larger opportunities is unique so we would look at each on a case-by-case basis.

Securus Individual and Family Plan Options