Aspire Benefit Services is the MGA exclusively contracted with IU Health Plans Marketplace.

IU Health Plans recognizes and celebrates the important role of the insurance broker in providing transparent insurance education to Indiana residents during the enrollment process and providing on-going client advocacy and support.

Products & Services

  • Individual Health Insurance
Who do I contact for assistance?
  • Who should brokers contact for assistance?
    • Effective immediately, please direct your questions and concerns to your General Agent then to the Managing General Agent (Aspire), and then we will reach out to IU Health Plans as need be.  The IU Health Plans team handles direct consumer and broker business, and they’re currently bogged down with inquires from both sides.  Please direct all communications to your General Agent first, and then you can contact us
  • Who should clients contact for help with their current policy or application?
    • 24 hours after an application has been received by IU Health Plans, the applicant can contact Members Services for specific questions related to their policy.  Member Services can be reached at 1-855-413-2432
  • Where should clients send payments?
    • Indiana University Health Plans, PO Box 74008080, Chicago, IL 60674-8080
  • Where should brokers send Qualifying Event documents?
  • What phone number can clients call to make payments?
    • The Automated Payment Hotline is 1-866-635-0768.
  • How should members cancel IU Health Plans?
    • The best was to cancel is by phone.
      • Off-exchange: Member Services 1-855-413-2432 Option 1, 5, 4
      • On-exchange: 1-800-318-2596
    • Members can also send a cancellation letter to P.O. Box 627, Columbus, IN 47202; however, it is advised against.
Help With Online Enrollment Tool
  • Why isn’t the network lookup tool showing all of the available doctors & facilities?
    • IU Health Plans has greatly expanded the network for the 2016 ACA plans, and all of the new network providers are not showing in the provider lookup tool yet.  The new providers are finishing a credentialing process, and then they will be fully displayed.  They have already agreed to be a network provider, negotiated pricing, and ongoing distribution strategy, and are awaiting for the credentialing to complete.In the meantime, the IU Health Plans Marketplace team has been working with their network team to compile a document/PDF that will include all of the current in-network providers.They hope to have this document with the network providers available within in the next business day (today is 11/3/15).
  • What is the URL to access the online enrollment tool?
  • I can’t access my broker online enrollment tool (or my user name log info isn’t working properly). What do I do? 
    • Please ensure that you are inputting the user name, NPN, and password.  If these still don’t work, please, and include your NPN.
  • Is there functionality that allows us to save the quotes within the Online Enrollment Tool? 
    • Unfortunately, these capabilities do not currently exist.  This functionality may become available as the IU Health Plans team has been requesting it.
  • Are there any broker links that we can send out to our clients so they can complete the enrollment? 
    • As of right now, there are NOT any custom links that you can send out to your client. This functionality may become available as the IU Health Plans team has been requesting it.
  • Is there functionality that allows us to send quotes to clients? 
    • There is no “Send client proposal function” within the Online Enrollment Tool.  You can create a pdf within the system, and then email this pdf to the prospect.
  • When I change my address/phone number/FFM user ID/etc there is an error that doesn’t allow the changes to occur.  What’s going on?
    • We are aware of this error and character restraint, and do not have a solution at the moment. Nevertheless, your contact info will  not be displayed, and is not used for any communications purpose. We will let you know if we come up with a solution, but it should not inhibit the ability to quote and write business in anyway.
Why are RX Tiers displaying differently on the exchange versus the brochures?
You may have noticed that the RX tiers display different on the exchange than they do from the training and plan brochures.  The problem is that IU Health Plans utilizes 6 RX Tier structures with the first two being generics.  The system for importing plans onto the exchange, and for the creation of SBCs does not allow for two Tiers of generic RX. Instead, they will show a Tier 1 Generic copay of $9 when it should be displaying Tier 1 Generic $5 and Tier 2 Generic $10.

In essence, what is displayed is the average of the Tier 1 & Tier 2 copays as they were forced to be merged.  The plan brochures will most accurately display the benefits as they are, and as they should be sold.  You can access the brochures inside of the IU Health Plans Online Enrollment Tool or here for download:/partners/iuhealthplans.html

Dental Plan Questions
  • What’s the deal with pediatric dental? Is it on all of the plans? Is it required to be purchased?
    • As you may know, pediatric dental is an Essential Health Benefit under the ACA. However, issuers are NOT required to offer pediatric dental as long as there is a stand-alone dental plan (SADP) offered in every state. The Indiana SADP available is through Delta Dental. Therefore, pediatric dental is not included in the IU Health Plans base plans, though it is included on the Plus plans.We recommend that the stand-alone pediatric dental plan be purchased when it is not included in the plan. If the consumer/member does NOT select a Plus plan, they do have to sign (electronically) a Dental Attestation form at the end of the application to acknowledge that they are aware that pediatric dental is an EHB and that their plan selection does not include it, but that it is offered as an SADP in the state of Indiana. We, nor IU Health Plans, can attest to the potential consequences of not acquiring the available pediatric dental, but there is precedent that not acquiring pediatric dental could cause a member to be non-compliant with the individual mandate.
  • Where do members get Dental and Vision Cards?
    • To get Dental Cards from Delta Dental, call 800-524-0149. Cards can be requested by calling or they can be printed by the client by logging on to
    • Eye Med does not send cards. Eye care providers can bill Eye Med by using the DOB of the client



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